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Stella2619 I've experienced the leg vibrations for at least a month in my (await it . . .) left leg.  I am on my initial complete day on the Tums program, so will re-publish After i find out if this will work. Vibrations happen to be preserving me up during the night and they are off-yet again, on-all over again during the working day. So glad to understand Other individuals have skilled and/or are encountering this (While I will not want anyone else to experience this weirdness).

Immediately after reading each one of these comments, I gave him a Viactiv calcium chew. Just about promptly the vibrations were gone. Definitely amazing! Thanks to All those of you who took the time to submit comments.   Comment

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LoriB333 I am shocked at the amount of ppl with similar symptom!! I also come to feel it my inner remaining ankle space?? What's going on?? Probably your testing will drop some light?? Make sure you notify....:)  God Bless, Lori Comment

  Please check into this dysfunction and when my Tale sounds common. This condition had taken a great deal of from me, and if its caught early you have a improved probability of recovery. Mine began in my remaining leg and unfold to my decrease again, them my remaining arm and now my correct leg. It has effected my ability to walk, which I am able to no longer do with no assist of fore arm crutches. My left arm on great times shakes regularly, I'm able to scarcely grip anything, and on undesirable times it turns dim purple and turns inward and my hand locks up right into a claw shape and I can not transfer it for weeks. I are via 3 spinal nerve blocks, have experienced a spinal wire stimulator put in and  of physical therapy and I'm not acquiring any improved.  I'm 33yrs outdated and might no longer live by myself, function or generate. As the times go by, I even now keep on to hope that someday I am gonna wake up and this tends to all are a dream. Its great to desire someday... ..exhibit

bjslater From everything I have go through, it constantly is apparently the remaining, like my very own (believed it absolutely was just the Pet snoring/dreaming at first).  I don't have a large calcium intake.  I think it can be a certain nerve anomaly that may be induced by multiple element. Remark

mohomm As outlined by my medical professional, it takes a specific sort of calcium (contained in Tums) to make nerves perform properly to create muscles agreement. If your muscles cannot agreement competently the nerves try out harder, and people are the vibrations that you've been experience. Remark

If it is a thing significant I would want to catch it before long. I am 46 and on medication for my cholesterol. I've started switching my eating routines and exercise a little bit off and on but hoping to establish a regime of at the very least 3 times every week. I hope This will eradicate many of the issues I'm acquiring. Comment

Lester505 Mine commenced yesterday, Mar. 14th.My wife likely thinks I'm nuts.I continue to keep inquiring her if she feels the vibration. I have experienced it inside the hip the place I much too thought it had been my cell phone, no big deal.

squeezemitzi I much too obtain a vibration sensation underneath my knees, it looks like that experience if you've been drilling or sanding for any long time.  I stopped ingesting tea, and it went away.  I now consume decaf, and it keeps it at bay.  I do have synthetic sweetners, but they do not appear to generate a difference.

debbiedoo1017 I are actually vibrating now for check here the last six months non-stop, abdomen and each legs. As of three months ago, my legs also began to ache, the more I walk the more they may harm at rest.

ronald256 To answer the type of calcium to implement in lieu of tums due to the fact long expression usage of tums could have other Unwanted effects. I had vibrations is remaining thigh. I discovered two Medical professionals online that said to work with calcium citrate with D3. I used two 500mg supplements immediately.

But when my wife explained the she had been getting the identical expertise only a 7 days back I thought what's the vibrating cock ring probability?  This Lyme make any difference is fairly fascinating remember to maintain the posts coming. With any luck ,, this does not appear for a fright to anyone but this sounds just like a new phenomenon that eve doctors are clueless about. With any luck ,, I am Completely wrong. Comment

MissyP85 Exact same issue as everyone else , outrageous vibration in my leg and foot , googled it and found my way in this article ... Remark

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